Under the SFTR implementation, any European Economic Area (EEA) firms that trade securities financing transactions (SFTs) as in repurchase agreements (repos), securities lending activities, and sell/buy-back transactions will have to report daily transaction, valuation, collateral, reinvestment, funding, and collateral re-use information to an approved trade repository.  

The significant challenges in implementing SFTR will be the transaction reporting and recordkeeping requirements of daily reporting obligations under Article 4 SFTR. The reporting data fields for collateral information are highly fragmented, or sometimes the data may even go missing.  

Additionally, many market participants in the securities financing area won't have all the information required under SFTR. So data quality report with on-time submission (T+1) has become the biggest challenge to the financial institutions. To tackle these SFTR implementation challenges, join our webinar on 'Implementing SFTR: The Impact & challenges that lie ahead.'  

Key Takeaways:

While few RegTech solution providers are rolling up their sleeves for SFTR in the early stages, many financial institutions still struggle on the data enrichment and business rules validation on SFTR reporting obligation until successfully executing User Acceptance Testing scenarios.

This webinar will discuss about those growing SFTR implementation challenges, data & report lifecycle and improving data quality on SFT Reporting Institutions.  

What to expect from this webinar: 

  • SFTR Implementation Challenges and Pre-requisites
  • 3 Key requirements of SFTR; transaction reporting, disclosure obligations and collateral reuse obligations.
  • Collateral Data Management and Report Enrichment
  • How to reduce Transaction Rejections 
  • Growing beyond the challenges with RegTech  


Vijay Gopal RegTech Evangelist  

20+ years of expertise in enabling technologies for Banking and Financial Services industry. He is heading BFSI business group in Sensiple Inc.

Naveen Chandu Manager - RegTech Transformation

 A domain expert in Regulatory Compliance. He handles business enablement for top-tier financial institutions which complies with European regulations.

Amalan Nagarajan RegTech Specialist - SFTR

RegTech Expert with impeccable business deliveries to the financial institutions around the globe. Responsible for strategy, planning and implementation of RegTech for MiFID II, SFTR,..

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