KIPA - Kaptiche Intelligent Process Automation

Kaptiche Intelligent Process Automation (KIPA) leverages advanced AI and ML to efficiently automate monotonous workflow. By automating documents processes, it assists knowledge worker to remove routine, replicable, and repetitive tasks. KIPA is highly flexible as it can be customized to your particular workflow and radically improves the customer experience.

God’s Eye - Machine Vision

Kaptiche God’s Eye leverages Machine Vision technology to use ordinary CCTV cameras and convert them into an intelligent data processing engine. It precisely monitors objects, people, and everyday work practices in a production line and provides real-time reports. With God’s Eye, safety checkpoints can be automated, ensuring a workplace of zero safety violations.

Machine Data Extraction

Kaptiche takes up the challenging task of capturing real-time data from machines. It connects with manufacturer’s PLC / CNC machines to fetch tags and decipher machine commands. It also can extract data from cameras and analyze the information to make timely decisions.

Kaptiche Intelligent Process Automation

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